Logis Company and HFU Co-building Logistics Labs


 On June 7, Chair of the University Council, Cai Jingmin, welcomed Shao Qingdong, Chair of Beijing Logis Sci Tech Development Co., Ltd., and his group members. Shao and Cai had a talk over the project of co-building a logistics lab in Management Department, HFU. The staff concerned participated in the discussion.

During the meeting, Cai introduced the development of logistics management over the years, which is the feature specialty of Management Department, and the Sino-German cooperation attempts of talents cultivation in this field. After a brief introduction of the company and its operation philosophy, Shao stated the importance of cooperating with universities so that the operating model of logistics enterprises could become part of the curriculum for developing students’ practical abilities. At the end of the meeting, Cai presented a letter of appointment of part-time professor to Shao.

 Later, Shao Qingdong and his group visited the logistics labs in Management Department. In a further discussion, Shao briefly described his plan of carrying out the Logistics Lab Co-building Project and revealed his expectation of building a long-term cooperation with HFU. In the long run, the meeting between the Logis Companyand the university is beneficial for school-enterprise cooperation, the university's modular curriculum reform and the cultivation of MA talents of logistics engineering.