Christian Wulff Visits HFU


    On May 26th, Christian Wulff, the former German President and president of Global Alliance of SMEs (GASME) visits Hefei University and attends the nameplate-unveiling ceremony for Sino-German Advanced Manufacturing Industry Cooperation Promotion Center, the Base of the Global Chamber of Commerce Cooperation Website, and Sino-German Solid Waste Collaborative Innovation Research Center.

    On behalf of HFU, Professor Cai Jingmin,Chair of the HFU council, extends his welcome to the delegation led by Christian Wulff. He remarks that not only Christian Wulff’s visit to Hefei has brought a cooperation partnership between HFU and GASME, but also the establishment of the three platforms, will provide HFU with opportunities and consolidate the foundation for the school-enterpriseinnovationof Sino-German Collaborative Educational Model Base, and meeting the demands of industries and interacting with the world always remain HFU’s schooling strategies.

    Hosted by HFU president, ProfessorWang Qidong, the unveiling ceremonyis held in the presence of such honorable guests as the delegation led by Christian Wulff, the representatives from GASME and the University of Stuttgart. On behalf of the teachers in HFU, Ms. Tao Li presents ChristianWulff a self-made moon-shaped fan (a type of traditional Chinese artwork).

    Christian Wulff has made great contributions to the cooperation between Lower Saxony and Anhui Province, and especially the construction and development of HFU. Actually, it is the fourth time that Christian Wulff has visited HFU. Heplanted a pine tree symbolizing the ever-green friendship in May 2005 in HFU. And the other two visits were paid in October 2008 and June 2017 respectively.